Transforming leaders and teams by helping to clarify their vision; facilitating expert delivery via focussed and strategic step-by-step implementation.
Managing change, communication and conflict with frameworks, resolution tools & navigation strategies.
Coaching to provide support, focus & perspective to achieve goals and deliver concrete outcomes.

Why TMC Global?

Achieving balance can be challenging for all driven individuals, both personally & professionally.
Tanya McGinnity helps the best, brightest and most talented people from all walks of life across sector, from multinational companies to entrepreneurs and small companies to be more effective at work and enjoy other aspects of their life by examining their priorities, reframing their outlook, creating a strategy and making it happen!

Tanya McGinnity works with people just like you, people who want to:

  • Get clarity on their vision, personally or professionally
  • Be more effective
  • Enjoy life and drive the maximum potential from business and leisure activities
  • feel more energized physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • Make time for creativity, rest and relaxation

We offer a free introductory 15 min session so that you get to understand the “Why” and “How” of coaching. Contact us now or call: + 34 627 982984