Coaching results in more wealth, health and better relationships in an organization. Coaching utilization is increasing because it is a cost effective means of achieving phenomenal results for teams and businesses.

Tanya McGinnity - Associate Certified Coach

There is increasing evidence that coaching is one of the most powerful ways of developing people and adding to bottom line business performance. A study of Fortune 1000 companies using coaching showed these percentages of executives reported the following benefits from the coaching they received:

  • An increase in productivity (by 53%)
  • Increased customer service (by 39%)
  • Increased retention of senior people (by 32%)
  • Reduction in costs (by 23%)
  • Increased bottom line profitability (by 22%)

The same survey reported that the individuals who received coaching saw improvement in:

  • Working relationships with their direct reports
  • Working relationships with their manager
  • Team-building
  • Reduction in conflict
  • Business Relationships with clients

The investment for business coaching can pay off many times over –- increasing your bottom line, helping you work with renewed passion, getting more done in the same time period by working smarter, and reclaiming your life by adding more work-life balance.  What will be your next step to start working with a coach or bringing coaching to your organization?

TMC Global approaches coaching using Milton Erickson principles. They help clients to strategically activate inner capacity and resourcefulness.

  1. People are okay as they are.
  2. People already have all the resources within them to achieve what they want.
  3. People always make the best choice they can at the time.
  4. Every behaviour has a positive intention.
  5. Change is inevitable.

We specialise in helping people to embrace, manage & navigate change.