“Tanya is a wonderful career coach and excellent sounding board. We did a 360 review for me last year and it was eye-opening to say the least… there were many learnings from the process and it was an invaluable exercise.”

Amy Curry-Stache, Corporate Social Responsibility Senior Executive

“Tanya’s passion for, and ability to, help others achieve greater self-clarity and understanding results in quite remarkable breakthrough moments for individuals and teams.  The sense of empowerment mixed with ‘near relief’ is quite palpable, transforming how people approach their work, their colleagues and their lives… and she makes it fun!”

Susan Scott-Ker, Senior Director, Marketing and Communication

“Thank you very much Tanya for your kind words and I cannot put into words how much I have enjoyed this experience working with you, professionally and personally. And I know I wouldn’t be in the position I am now without your coaching and support during the process.”

Mariano Hermoso de la Fuente, Financial services analyst

“Tanya is a coach whose depth of experience and knowledge of her field instils confidence in her clients. I know I am going to create results every time I am coached by Tanya, and her positive energy, authenticity and humour make the process of creating those results fun!”

Sales Consultant and Coach at S2 Strategic Skills

“Tanya ran a workshop for myself and management team using Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Being in a business start up it was important that I had a close knit team who worked effectively with each other towards common goals. Tanya helped the team to understand themselves and just as importantly each other. Following the event all of the team members were able to appreciate and accept each other which enabled the team to move forward more rapidly and efficiently. Tanya’s workshop was both energetic and engaging. She is superb at challenging people in a supportive way. She is a dynamic and motivated individual who is focused on outcomes both for the individual and the organization. I would without reservation highly recommend Tanya.”

Elaine Clark, Director of CRM

“Tanya McGinnity and I met when we were being certified in the MBTI assessment about 6 years ago. She and I immediately connected and I thought to myself that given her insight and her ability to connect with people that I would like to work with her one day. Tanya and I have supported each other as our careers have progressed in professional services. We never had a chance to formally work together but I would consider referring her as a coach to anyone looking to have some objective insight and do some action planning to take their career to a new level. Tanya is extremely well-read and she uses appreciative inquiry to really understand what a person’s goals are and how to coach them toward strategies to achieve those goals. I have personally benefitted from her coaching and her insight both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Tanya for her ability to connect, question, and provide guidance and counsel to her clients, friends and colleagues.”

MaryJo Anderson, Director of Learning and Development, Deloitte

“I’ve known Tanya professionally now since 2008. She is simply amazing and a trusted advisor. Tanya is insightful in the areas of people development and helping one tap into their full potential. She always asks the right questions helping bring clarity and perspective when most needed. Tanya’s energy, passion and creative genius make her truly a pleasure to work with.”

Azza Hararah, Senior Manager of HR and Change Management

“Tanya is an energetic, flexible facilitator and empathic thought partner. She has lived, worked and built strong relationships with people and companies across the globe. I count on Tanya for her depth of cultural awareness and her powerful intuition.”

Jay Cone, Consultant, Interaction Associates

“Tanya coached me how to create an ‘I am’ statement and guided me through a ‘Vision Walk’. This powerful exercise continues to empower me in my personal and career endeavors. Tanya and I did this exercise remotely (over Skype) and I was amazed how well she created the space for us to focus and go deep to the heart of the issues. She also provided notes and a audio recording of the session for my personal follow-up. I highly recommend Tanya because of her extensive training and experience as well as her passion for helping people achieve to their absolute best potential.”

Martina Jerant, Lifestyle Consultant